About Me

I am a professional translator with more than eight years of experience and I translate mainly from English into Spanish, my mother tongue.

I was born in Argentina and I have always had a liking for languages. Now translation has become one of my greatest passions.

I hold a Degree in English and Spanish Translation granted by the School of Languages, National University of Córdoba, in Argentina. This is a university degree that is awarded after five years of full-time undergraduate study.

I have collaborated with several translation companies, as part of a team of translators as well as on my own. My first projects were carried out in Argentina for both local and international clients. In 2008 I decided to move out to Ireland, where I started to immerse myself in the culture of my source language. I lived in the beautiful city of Dublin for almost three years and after that, I relocated to the United Kingdom.

I currently live in Edinburgh, an exciting city where I continue to explore the English language in its different shades. I have lived in Argentina for 24 years and I’m still in daily contact with my native culture. Being up to date with cultural and linguistic changes adds to the high quality of my translations.

My work experience also includes the teaching of English as a second language (2005-2007), three years that contributed to the consolidation of my language skills.

Apart from translating, I love travelling. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, especially around Ireland and the United Kingdom. I have also visited New York City and of course, some places in Argentina. Travelling is another way of enhancing my cultural sensitivity and I apply this to my translations.